Your One Touch Electronic Notification of Hazardous Materials Incidents & Emergency Communications Platform

e-Merge Systems is committed to addressing the needs of our nation’s Homeland Security

Emergency Communication Platform

Why e-Merge Systems…

Emergency response notification and crisis management have always been critical. In light of today’s political climate, the threat of potential terrorist activities and the “one-call” notification system requirements, fast, reliable incident notification is more important than ever.

These emergencies require immediate action with simultaneous, cooperative efforts by private, local, state and federal emergency response agencies. Our emergency communications platform provides a secure, instantaneous means of communications whereby participating entities are able to deliver information regarding an event to all designated parties simultaneously. The Emerge Systems product suite was designed to improve the speed, accuracy and consistency of mission critical communications between industry, government and the communities they serve. It can also be used to report incidents occurring during the transportation of dangerous materials by truck, train, barge and even foreign ocean-going vessels entering our waterways.

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How does e-Notify work?
  1. Complete Notification Form
    • Type of Notification (Activate Systems, Notify Agencies, Test, etc.)
    • Chemical(s) Response
    • Roadblocks, Shelter in Place, Evacuate
    • Agencies Contacted
    • Time of Incident, Secure Time
  2. Identify Location on Map
  3. Identify Receiving Agencies
  4. Send Notification

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How does Incident Reporter work?
  1. This software is installed at the 911 office in the area.
  2. Activated by the alerts sent out by the e-Notify software module installed at local facilities in the area.
  3. Receives updates as provided by the facilities’ reporting.
  4. Allows 911 to share information with other affected facilities and neighbors.

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