What is e-Notify?

e-Merge Systems is committed to addressing the needs of our nation’s Homeland Security

e-Notify software module is the new electronic notification process created by Emerge Systems using internet based geographical information systems (GIS). It is a subscription based service that will notify the appropriate response agencies and neighboring facilities in the event of an incident. The user will select the anticipated area of impact in the form of GIS mapping and also indicate their recommended response. This information will determine which community alerting systems will be activated and, simultaneously send it to all other users within the system, including wireless devices.

With e-Notify, guesswork and misinformation are eliminated by using the electronic notification form. The user completes a custom form and sends the notification to the receiving agency.

e-Notify NOW

How does e-Notify work?

    1. Complete Notification Form
      • Type of Notification (Activate Systems, Notify Agencies, Test, etc.)
      • Chemical(s) Response
      • Roadblocks, Shelter in Place, Evacuate
      • Agencies Contacted
      • Time of Incident, Secure Time
    2. Identify Location on Map
    3. Identify Receiving Agencies
    4. Send Notification


Why Should I Sign Up?

Electronic Notification of Hazardous Materials Incidents (e-Notify) not only meets the state requirements for notification, but will also make the process hassle-free. Experience has proven the using e-Notify is an excellent tool for risk mitigation.

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