What is Incident Reporter?

e-Merge Systems is committed to addressing the needs of our nation’s Homeland Security

The Incident Reporter software module was developed by e-Merge Systems to receive and display the incident notification sent by the e-Notify software system. The Incident Reporter is installed at the State Agency designated by law to receive the incident notification and the local agency that is responsible for notifying and protecting the public by activating sirens, radio and TV stations, telephone ringdown systems and dispatching the required response units to the site of the incident.


Incident Reporter is the corresponding portion of the e-Merge Systems software suite. Incident Reporter communicates with the e-Notify software installed in facilities to report incidents to the necessary agencies.

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How does Incident Reporter work?

  1. This software is installed at the 911 office or other state agency in the area.
  2. It is activated by the alerts sent out by the e-Notify software module installed at local facilities in the area.
  3. It receives updates and alerts as provided by the facilities’ reporting.
  4. This allows 911 to share information with other affected facilities and neighbors in the area.

Why Should I Sign Up?

The local agency responsible for protecting the public will be able to receive the notification and and expedite the response to the incident with accurate and timely information provided by the e-Notify software.

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